With all the turmoil and division over Trump becoming President of the United States, I wanted to create something that could bring some humor to people regardless of their political affiliation.

Humpty Trumpty is a 5″ vinyl cast figure which fires off Trumpism Insults at the person pushing him around. No matter how much you push him, he always ends up on his feet again…ok, he doesn’t have feet, he just ends upright.

The figure comes in two version, Democrat (blue bottom), and Republican (red bottom). Democrats like Humpty Trumpty because they think he is going to have a great fall, or he’s an egg head, or they just want to punch him. Republicans like him because he keeps bouncing back, or he’s a good egg.

I have had such great feeback from family and friends on my little figure that I would like to take him to the next level and have him fabricated for many to enjoy.

I am in the process of working with manufactures who specialize in vinyl and plastic toys and I need to raise money to create the molds and develop Humpty Trumpty so that I can take it to market.

I am commited to working hard to fulfill commitements made by my backers on Kickstarter. Your support is critical in me being able to turn this little dream into reality. THANK YOU!

Paul Quilter

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